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Baby & mom product favorites

Bottle and breast feeding

Dr. Browns Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer this one may be a bit small if you’re planning on pumping a lot but for us it’s perfect as I only bottle feed one a week. I also use to sterilize pacifiers. ***update 7 months later*** I probably wouldn’t buy this one again. I’ve used mostly distilled water substituted filters water only a few times and the whole thing is caked in white… there’s grey at the bottom I m can’t seem to clean it even after running vinegar through it.

Dr. Browns Bottles there’s are fine but Billy wasn’t picky about bottles. I could have just used the ones that came with the pump.

Drying rack for bottles – works for us but a little clunky, taking up lots of counter space.

Pacifiers – at least 4 because they are always getting dirty and you want them in strategic locations (especially the car). This link is for BPA free ones. He liked these the most but once he was able to hold stuff I got him ones with a ring he could hold. Now he doesn’t take a pacifier.

Pacifier holders – to keep the pacifiers clean!

Baby Bliss Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads – these were fine… I just never really used them.

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump great in the beginning but of little use to 8 months out.

Dr Browns Breast Milk Freezer Storage Bags

Baby Wares

Sun Hata my

Velcro Swaddles 0-3 months we could not get our swaddle down… so I used these for bed time for the first few months.

Love to Dream Swaddle – hands up position 8-14lbs eke

Baby Diapers, Hygiene & Medical:

Pampers Pure Newborn

Pampers Pure Size 1

Baby wipes – seventh generation I used for the first few month but I ended up switching to Huggies Natural Care that I get by the box from target curbside.

Wet bag for diapers on the go

Weleda diaper cream – I heard several recommendations for this specific one. I like it so far. I use it when he starts to get a little red and it goes away by next day.

I’ve also used Burts Bees and Sun Bum for when he’s got cloth diapers on, but switch to stronger stuff like desitin and Triple Paste for over night when I use over night diapers.


Nasal Aspirator this is a must have on hand. I haven’t used it yet, but you need it for emergencies.

Electric Nail File I love this one. I use it while nursing baby he doesn’t mind at all. I use on myself too while nursing 🙂

Wellements Organic Teething oil – his seems to do the trick so far- it’s turns him around when he’s getting cranky

Wellements organic gripe water– I was hesitant at first because it had agave in it- but it helps immediately with hiccups! (Which may bother us more than baby but still. I’m on my second bottle – they only have 1 month shelf life in fridge.) We used this from 1-4 months now he’s mostly fine with hiccups and we bought stuff to make our own gripe water.

Wellements organic vitamin D drops – most pediatricians will have babies take Vitamin D- I don’t know if they prescribe or not because we haven’t gone in for his check ups (covid surge). My midwife said not really necessary- but Vitamin D is crucial for beating covid so I’m giving to baby – can’t hurt!

Sleep stuff

Hatch White Noise Machine – I love this it was a gift from a relative and it’s one of my favorite baby hacks. I’m usually not into super tech Bluetooth stuff for everything but it’s super convenient to be able to control this from your phone. There’s also a timer on it. I often put it on while I’m nursing billy to sleep from our bed. At night when he’s hard to settle back down I resort to setting it for 20-30 minutes on a timed to help soothe him. There’s several sounds I find acceptable and you have a lot of volume control.

Waterproof baby pad/blanket– we’re bed sharing and We have a lot of leaks! A) I must be horrible at diapering.. B) I think he’s a “heavy wetter” C) we’re just so sleepy at night we don’t wake to change diaper enough D) he sleeps on his side and it leaks sideways instead of getting absorbed… anyways!! I’m so glad I finally got these. I have 3 as they take a while to dry. Also great for naked time- airing out the butt for prevent diaper rash. ***update*** finally got billy into overnight diapers and a size up from current daytime diapers and we’re leak free most of the time! But we still use these for extra insurance on our mattresses and for diaper free time.

For mom

Perineal Ice Packs – I only used these for 2 days – BUT I used them for 2 days straight every hour on the hour. I don’t know what I would have done without them. And – they can be used as just regular ice packs after. You could also just get the Frida Mom disposable ice pads similar to what the hospital will give you or the Frida Mom post partum pack

Earth Momma Nipple Cream – I didn’t end up needed but many women do – good to have on hand!

Sitz Bath Basin – I thought maybe I wouldn’t really need this but I got a lot of use out of my before and after baby.

Nursing Bras – Good to have a few types and a few different sizes on hand for when your milk comes in because your boobs will get even bigger, you can return what you don’t end up using. I got a few from target during my pregnancy as I out grew my sports bras. But my favorite so far is this Kindred Braverly one. The fabric is very soft. Great fit and easy to pull down. I bought several more including a 5 pack I wish I hadn’t. I tend to wash the same 4 bras every other day.

The Big Stuff

Car seat – I think getting a straight up infant car seat is better than a convertible. Because it fits more snugly for baby, making it safer (less bouncing around) and because you can remove it from the car if baby is sleeping. You can get car seat adapters for different strollers as well. I got the Nuna Pipa from Nordstrom and added it to my Amazon registry because they had free shipping to Hawaii over a certain amount. The Nuna Pipa was one of the least toxic car seats I could find for a reasonable price. It is flame retardant free. So far, I really like it. It is easy (1 click) to put in and take out of car. I wish I had gotten a stroller that worked with it out of the box – by the time I decided I wanted the adapter for my stroller they were sold out.

Stroller – I went with the Joovy Zoom ( not currently on Amazon). It’s a less expensive version of the industry standard “Bob” because of living in Rural Hawaii, we decided a regular stroller was no use, we’d need something that could handle uneven terrain. I assembled it but I’m waiting for Billy to hit the 3 month mark until I can use it.

Bassinet or crib – This was one of the hardest decisions. I did way to much “research” without getting any where. For traditional cribs and bassinets, I had a hard time finding one that was non-toxic, without chemicals in the finish, or glue etc. Or one without horrible reviews.

I also had feedback, that we may use it very little and baby may just end up in our bed most of the time. Or that it just becomes a place to throw the toys. We eventually settled on the Lotus Crib – Guava Family Portable Play Yard and Bassinet Conversion Kit (I bought this part second hand on Poshmark). So far I am pleased with it. I think once baby outgrows the bassinet, I’m not sure if the playyard will be his sleeping spot because it is on the ground.. but you never know. Maybe we’ll just move him to a regular mattress on the ground and use the play yard as it was intented for travel.

Glider/rocking chair – this is a must! I spend 1/2 my nursing sessions on the glider. I had a hand me down Glider of this type (cannot attest to this exact link). Definitely good for rocking baby gently when your energy is low and for just hanging out with baby while he smiles at you.

Swing – Most of my friends recommended a baby swing. It is known for calming infants and babies down. Billy doesn’t love this yet but he has accepted it a few times and even fell asleep in it once. I do expect him to get more use out of it as he gets bigger as I’ve heard older babies love these. This one I linked to is the one we have, it is basic and affordable.

Changing Table – plus contoured pad, cover)

Baby carrier – I really am liking the Baby Bjorn Mini! I also have an Ergo I am waiting to try out. The Moby wrap is an industry standard for wraps, I liked it but with the newborn hold. BUT, the first time I used it, I went for 1 walk, 2 weeks post partum, and it put all of his weight on one side of me and I ended up hurting my back. Plus, I was using it in summer & it was a lot of fabric for the heat & humidity.

Baby bath – I got a hand-me down regular baby bath like this that fits in your regular tub. It works great for our needs. Billy loves it without the infant sling, I put him in it, and just hold his bottom up with my hand while he floats around. I use my other hand to bathe him. After about 4 minutes my back is over it. But it is worth seeing his smile floating. There are lots of other models out there. I know for a c-section – this type would be very difficult and you’d want something that fits over the sink or on the counter.

What I didn’t put on registry that I should have…

Baby car seat head bumper (also good for using with swing)

Stroller Adapter for car seat – wish I had bought a “travel” system or gotten the car seat adapter for my car seat. 

Large Waterproof pads/blankets – for taking naps on your bed, diaper leaks, diaper free (airing out) time. I have this one I love it.

More diapers – newborns pee and poop a lot. You’ll fly through them

Changing table- I thought I’d just change him wherever but realized it would be easier on our backs to have table. Diaper caddy or 2 for other rooms (can use any basket but fun to be organized) 

More cloth prefold diapers- great for diaper free time and to put under their butt for changing them. The ones linked here are super soft.

Toys & books – I thought that little babies didn’t really need toys. Luckily I was gifted second hand items. I read to billy as we nurse and there’s a few toys that he loves. Sometimes he stares are them for up to 15 minutes calmly! Early on they like contrast and also bright color stuff animals with big eyes and mouth.

I got Billy these contrast soft books and he loves them. Stares at them for up to 15 minutes quietly!

A bouncer – I skipped bouncer and put a swing — but was gifted a baby bjorn bouncer anyways. So far baby no like swing but he tolerates the bouncer while I eat breakfast sometimes.

I still expect the swing to work out eventually

Diaper pail

I had too much:

Onesies! – I do laundry every or every other day. We only rotate thru 5 onesies tops. Sometime more just to switch it up.

Baby swaddles we’re bad at it- plus it’s way too hot here. I put some on registry n then got some handme downs. I’m swimming in swaddle blankets I never use. My midwife showed us how to do a too half swaddle for his arms/Moro reflex. This works pretty well with cut in half(triangles) swaddles- I do recommend the Velcro swaddles, and the hands up swaddles. It’s a little too hot in summer for us to use… so the sleeveless sleep sacks are also good.

Hooded towels- I only put one on registry but apparently ppl that don’t order off registry love to gift these – I have like 8 now and only rotate through my 3 favorite.

Burp rags- I hardly ever remember to use them anyways. But anything will work as burp cloth I usually use the cloth prefolds

Newborn diapers. Billy was a big boy grew out of those quickly!