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Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation:  This supplement package including tart cherry, juice, a power shake, a probiotic, and a protein supplement changed my Pre-menstrual life. Not only did I look and feel better after following a 40 day program. Still 6 months later, I have ZERO PMS symptoms and no cramping. See this article I wrote for an in-depth look at my experience doing a pre-conception cleanse with these and other products. If you use my links to the products you’ll be taken to the web store and will be able to activate a $50 off coupon once you sign up for an account.

Iodine drops – These drops taken at recommended dosages will help many many ailments. According to WebMD they are effective for hyperthyroidism, radiation emergency, and a skin infection caused by the fungus Sporothrix, may improve thyroid performance, leg ulcers, and radiation exposure. Here is one website that explains a schedule for taking the drops: http://www.20somethingallergies.com/iodine-protocol-for-healing-thyroid/

J.CROW’S® Lugol’s Iodine Solution(2 oz.) Twin Pack(2 bot.)

Healthforce Elixir of The Lake, Powder, 50 Grams


Raw Coconut Butter – I wouldn’t want to go one day without coconut butter. My favorite is Artisana raw organic coconut butter. I use coconut butter daily in my coffee as a delicious creamer. See my coffee with coconut butter, chaga and maple syrup recipe. I also use it in my sweet smoothies, mixed with water/ice cubes it makes a rich milk liquid base for adding bananas and (see chocolate banana blueberry smoothie recipe). We even blend it with water and use it for milk in pancakes and other baking recipes.

Artisana Organic Raw Butter, Coconut, 8 Pound

Organic French Roasts – Our chosen is Cafe Altura’s Biodynamic French Roast. This coffee is smooth and strong, with low acidity. Use in a french press for delicious results.

Cafe Altura Whole Bean Organic Coffee, Biodynamic French Roast, 2 Pound

Stevia Extract – the healthy calorie-free sweetener! Some versions of the this extract can taste really strong, almost like alcohol. NuNaturals Clear Stevia is the best by far. I add a drop or two of this to our coffee, smoothies and sometimes baking recipes to heighten the sweetness of other unrefined sweeteners like honey and maple syrup.

NuNaturals – Clear Stevia Pure Liquid Plastic Bottle – 2 oz. ( 2-Pack)

Celtic Sea Salt – contains over 60 trace minerals, electrolytes, alkalizes the body, balances blood sugars, feeds the brain, and regulates blood pressure, helps with sinuses and congestion.

Celtic Sea Salt, Fine Ground, 16 Ounce

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The titles and images are Amazon links. Each time a reader clicks the link and purchases anything on Amazon, I get a small small percentage of that sale. Living in a rural community on Big Island, Amazon prime has been a huge tool in helping me find ways to save money and find exactly what I want. I know buying local is ideal (and I do everyday) but I prefer Amazon Prime for many items for a few reasons:

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