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Recommended fertility and reproductive health books

Taking charge of your fertility – I read this book like 4 times. It really helped me to understand my reproductive cycle much more than plugging my data into an app. Because I finally understood my cycle I was able to trouble shoot potential problems and get pregnant.

It starts with the egg – this book emphasizes your reproductive health in terms of your external environment, lifestyle, and internal environment (body & mind)

Tao of fertility – Eastern traditional medicine approach- broken down easily for the Westernized woman. I got several good tips from this book which incorporated into my self care plan

The fifth vital sign – another book that dives into the reproductive cycle with lots of good tips on ways to increase fertility. The author also has great podcast called Fertility Friday.

Nourishing Traditions – explores traditional approaches to healthy diet with plenty of whole, cooked foods, nourishing animals fats, section on preparing your body for pregnancy