Tropical Fruit Displays

Looking for something unique and healthy at your next Big Island event?

Katie’s tropical fruit displays are ideal to impress your guests with rare and tropical edibles. Fruit displays are the epitome of eat local and eat fresh! All fruits are sourced from Big Island farms that prioritize organic practices.

Perfect for weddings, conventions, baby first birthdays, anniversary parties, corporate parties, company parties, etc.

The first fruit display I made was for my own wedding. It was a complete success and made the event meaningful and interesting, especially for people from the mainland. My wedding fruit display was set up on a long table with white table cloths and several sections of fruit. There were plates, knives and silverware for people to share the fruit.  A close friend stood by the fruit table and helped to open the larger items like jackfruit and champadek. He was also available to help people identify fruits as they tasted them. I cannot wait to make your event meaningful by adding local flair to your dining experience. Perfect as an appetizer or as a dessert.

One month notice required to reserve date. 60% deposit also required to source fruit.

What you will get:

  • A customized fruit table display featuring seasonal local, tropical and rare fruits.
    • fruits will change seasonally – we will pick the best variety of what is available
    • this will not be your typical strawberry, melon, pineapple plates.
    • Expect a variety of fun fruits including things like: lychee, longon, rambutan, mangos, abui, mamey sapote, suriname cherries, mangosteen, starfruit, chicos, passionfruit, dragon fruit, durian, rollinia, loquats, jackfruit, champadek, avos, pineapples, a variety of bananas, papaya, and much much more.
  • Mac nuts and mac nut cracker
  • Disposable palm leaf plates for fruit consumption (additional cost)
  • Fruit for your budget and your guest count (ranging from $7-$20 a guest)
  • The fruit will come whole, ready to open and eat (as opposed to oxidizing for a period of time before the event).
  • Delivery and set-up included in quoted price.
  • Option to have Katie as a server, fruit educator and entertainer, to help guests cut open fruit, identify fruits, and clean-up after event $30/hr



Tropical Fruit baskets are also available, please contact Katie for more information: